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The Obstacle


the stone
the rock
the mountain
the other

     the creator
           of rivers
          of canyons
          of rapids
          of revealing weaknesses
          of scorching language
          of conspiracies
          of inconsistencies
          of the focused mind
          of strategic planning
          of annoyance
          of gnashing of teeth
          of giving up
          of trying again
          of joining together
          of splitting up
          of helping
          of being helped
          of reinventing
          of reinvigorating
          of revitalizing
          of new inventions
          of new vistas
          and new possibilities

               Blessed be the Obstacle
               for only It leads to the

                         Great Overcoming

The Breakthrough


When you look through the choppy water
you wonder if those dark rocks
are really black-eyed sharks
And the grassy seaweed
is really phosphorus eels.
By the way
the jellyfish are really jellyfish
…and maybe the stinging kind.

It doesn’t matter though.

Your wooden boat
is splintering against the reef.
Either way,
you’re going to get wet
…and no amount of Dramamine will help.

Disposing of the Body


Its the decent thing to do, so I thought.
Being ‘Now’
I need to get rid of that decrepit old guy
lurking in my future
to say nothing of that kid
following me around.
Saddle shoes, really?

The obvious problem is
If I throw a shovel in the trunk
wrap myself in a carpet
and fall in
can I expect my car to follow through?

Few people know this
but birds,
other than a few
that are victims of hunting accidents
and jet engines
simply catch a special updraft
and dissolve in the refined atmosphere at the end.
‘Disappear into thin air’, if you will.
Have you ever seen a bird cemetery?
I rest my case.
It’s their aerial rite.

“I’m trying to be responsible here!”
I tell the clerk behind the counter of my hotel.
He smiles looking up
from a game of solitaire before him
just like he does every morning
when I leave the lobby
to walk into my life.
“Hey, I’m just trying to be you!” I plead.
He smiles unconvinced,
but always amused.
As I turn to walk into the street,
in the corner of my eye
I catch him slowly shaking his head.

Now, I assure myself,
this is a definite sign of progress!
No updraft, but progress none the less.