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Disposing of the Body


Its the decent thing to do, so I thought.
Being ‘Now’
I need to get rid of that decrepit old guy
lurking in my future
to say nothing of that kid
following me around.
Saddle shoes, really?

The obvious problem is
If I throw a shovel in the trunk
wrap myself in a carpet
and fall in
can I expect my car to follow through?

Few people know this
but birds,
other than a few
that are victims of hunting accidents
and jet engines
simply catch a special updraft
and dissolve in the refined atmosphere at the end.
‘Disappear into thin air’, if you will.
Have you ever seen a bird cemetery?
I rest my case.
It’s their aerial rite.

“I’m trying to be responsible here!”
I tell the clerk behind the counter of my hotel.
He smiles looking up
from a game of solitaire before him
just like he does every morning
when I leave the lobby
to walk into my life.
“Hey, I’m just trying to be you!” I plead.
He smiles unconvinced,
but always amused.
As I turn to walk into the street,
in the corner of my eye
I catch him slowly shaking his head.

Now, I assure myself,
this is a definite sign of progress!
No updraft, but progress none the less.