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The Heart of the Forest


I frequently walk
the same trail; it starts
like so many other trails
with a sign. The undergrowth
of salal gives way to huckleberry
periodically, all under the canopy
of fir, alder, and madrona. There
are four loops that make up this
trail like four chambers of my heart.
I am somewhat embarrassed to say
how much I love it here; me, circulating
like a corpuscle in the heart of the woods.
Sometimes when I dream
I see seeds of pulsing light
glow in the trail dust
beating in swaying synchrony
with these pillars
of my universe.


*Re-edited 11/5/2016



yesterday’s box scores
mossy stumps
in a young  forest

                                                              rings of an old stump
                                                                          years gone by
                                                              since years gone by