Dave Kuhlmann


When I was in the 6th grade, I was fascinated by a brief section in my World History book about ancient Greece and the philosophers, mythology, and original Olympics.  Shortly after, I wrote my first poem about it that started:

“Ancient Greeks and old time Romans…”.

Since then it has been an elaboration on that theme…and I have wandered far afield.

5 thoughts on “Dave Kuhlmann

  1. Thanks for your message, it led me to your website & chance for me to wander through the images, poetry, have an opportunity to feel the inner quiet of your dedicated practice. Thank you Dave, I will visit Pugetlight again. Irene

    1. Thanks Irene. You’re very kind. I, likewise, visited your site. Tiles! Very beautiful and what a wonderful way to express yourself. Meditation bears such beautiful fruits.

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