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Guarded Moments


I was scanning my brain
the other day,
searching for toeholds
in appropriate convolutions
and inside one crevice
a playback loop of sorts
was going on and on
just below the surface.
it said “with all your armour
and your elaborate filters
you cannot feel the pulsing,
undulating moments
that swim around
and through you.”
It was the call to action
that brought me to this point.
Since it continues to repeat
it propels me still.

Still Fire


Yet the wood cannot be collected
without a little moss,
light – a burrow full,
and a song of cider-sap
from the knot hole.

A living shadow
the flame, naked
laughing in your unsteady eye.
A little something
saved from the sun’s harvest,
a bit of air
left in the bird’s wing;
a sprig of dove
lodged in between sunken olives.

smoke feeds the night.

When We Meet

From Green Mountain looking across the Puget Sound toward Seattle and Mt. Rainier

If I cross out all the wrong things
I have ever said, and take all of the things
I should have said, and maybe even
some of the things I thought of later
that I wish I had said and put them in a blender
of balance and poured out the creamy
batter on a griddle of light,
we could share some perfect pancakes
with rich coffee in the perfect early morning
mountain sunrise.  Then we would
wonder down an unmapped stream.