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here and there, the moments


the far side
of the spider’s web
-bridge to a blue star

morning glories
adding their voice
to the blackberries

we walk in the dark

morse code to the heavens
-a woodpecker
on a satellite dish

the excitement of a spring breeze
-trees showing off
both sides of their leaves

stars glide along the river water
to suddenly break free
into this young spring night

traveling along the freeway
in the cool evening air
-a guitar riff

the tingle in my nose
before I sneeze
-incipient stars

summer storms cast runes
across the forest floor
-a prediction of chaos

the light beyond


blustery open field
crows inciting
a riot

fearless sandpiper chases away
the mighty sea
and her creatures

frost settling
on my old dog’s

warm summer day
-fixing the dripping faucet

missed opportunities-
so many stars
so little light

saying too much-
scraping the black
off of the toast

stars between dusk and morning
-molars crunching ice
in the summer heat

lending what I borrow


stars and moon
taking a free ride
on the river tonight

up and down rain
lectures geometry
to the billowing cedar

orange fog of morning
still speaking
in the language of dreams

shooting stars-
slowly, the sea
swallows the universe

the rusty hinge
that shutters the light

  night fishing
into the Milky Way

butterfly wings
seeding the world
with silence

rustling past fern and salal
a warm breeze
blows into these lines

dust floating
in the sunny living room
-galaxies upon galaxies