6 thoughts on “the other side

  1. Hi Dave! I like the feel of “leaded” in your clouds, and enjoyed seeing into the view of the “other side” of a half lotus. I hadn’t considered either of those before, thank you. – carol 🙂

  2. aloha Dave. very cool on your haiga these days. very cool on the image. and the placement of the haiku. i struggle to read the haiku in the image. i think that could be resolved by using white for the font color or a very pale color that is almost white. that would help bring clarity to the haiku portion of the haiga. it is a balance, the words carrying a lot of weight, however clarity is also important as i see it. thank you for joining in on e30doh. fun. aloha.

    oh. is there a reason you are requesting name, email and website info to be able to leave a comment? or have i glitched something up? it’s okay if you need to do it that way for some reason. i think it may discourage some people from leaving comments eventually, to have to add that info each time.

  3. Thanks Rick. Yes, looking at it again, a lighter color would have been better for the font portion. On some art, it’s much more easily done. As far as requesting info to leave a comment, I’ve seen that on other sites but was unaware that it was a requirement on mine. I’ll check into it. I certainly don’t need that info. Retirement has given me more time to do and develop some of these haiga. It takes a bit of time but is very fulfilling! Haiga on! dave

    1. Yes, I live in Silverdale and it is very cold. I took an hour walk through the woods and it took 2 hours to get warm again. Thanks for your visit and comment!

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