the fields

bridge photo

before all else,
maybe an opening
in a tree trunk,
perhaps a bonfire
or possibly
an arch, a bridge
over the currents of horror
churning brownish black,
stunning in its intensity
exploding toward the light
of the next level
of existence.

beings blossoming up
lifting to clouds of gold,
gazing to the heavens
to the manifesting divinity
of times past
a stunning glory
as fortold

or is it
the defeated,
enslaved to break the rock
of cold resolve
or crushed by the caves
of fear or the cloud
of indecision.

or the impulses of beings
completely defeated
lending strength to each other
so that the watchers
gather in what
the season would bear

2 thoughts on “the fields

  1. Awesome photo and post. Where is that? The type of mountains in the back make me think Greenland or Alaska, maybe Canada. They are so low and rounded, worn. My 3 guesses. If those guesses are wrong, my fourth would be southern Chili and fifth Scotland.

    1. Thank you. The photo was taken by (the photographer) Unsplash and I found it on Pixabay. I do not know where the photo was taken and I tried to research with no luck. Originally, I was looking for a Roman arch partially crumbling but when I saw this one it seemed to capture the feeling I was looking for. Thanks again for the visit and comment!

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