4 thoughts on “The Olympics

  1. Hey, sometimes I miss viewing where I live at from across the water. Do you have some nice shots of Mt. Constance? I’m living in the foothills with the mountains behind my back so I love these shots. They remind me always of the mystic I had—looking at those unknown peaks and valleys across the water–mountains I just had to go to. They called me so strongly. I’m loving your photography and prose.

    1. Thanks. I do not have a picture of Mt. Constance but I will keep an eye out for an opportunity. We are lucky to live in such an inspiring place! Many years ago when I relocated from the midwest, I wrote incredibally long letters to my family and friends describing everything. I was in constant awe! I did worry at first that it would wear off
      but have found the long cloudy frontal systems (weather) would eventually give way to these ‘knock your socks off’ clear days that make it all new again. (I have found the beauty in the cloudy, rainy days too. It’s an acquired taste!) Thanks again my friend!

      1. I was excited there were no alligators, Portuguese man-o-wars, blood suckers, grizzly bears, poisonous snakes . . . and bucket loads of beauty to experience and explore. I look forward to Mt. Constance, and others. 🙂

  2. All excellent points! I’ve run into black bears a couple of times – luckily they ran away from me faster than I ran away from them! (In truth, they’re just faster.)

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